Friday, January 13, 2012

Giant Run Erases Talk of "Coughlin Collapse"

Bleeding Sports resident General Manager Be Nasty has been a long time critic of New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and his coaching staff. Mr. Nasty like to make reference to the annual "Coughlin Collapse" where the Giants usually start the season off fast only to fall apart during the second half of the schedule.

Earlier in the season, the Bleeding Sports GM provided the below analysis to support his incessant clamoring for the franchise to making a coaching change.

NY Giants record under Coughlin - First half of season vs. second half:

2004 - Final record: 6-10
1st Half:  5-3
2nd Half: 1-7
* No playoffs

2005 - 11-5
* Lost to Panthers at home in Wild Card round of playoffs

2006 - 8-8
* Lost at Eagles in Wild Card game

2007 - 10-6
* Spags wins them the Super Bowl  
(Notice no credit given to Coughlin)

2008 - 12-4
* Lost 3 out of last 4
* Lost to Eagles at home in Divisional round

2009 - 8-8
* Started 5-0 then lost 4 straight
* Pathetic losses to Saints, Chargers, Broncos, Panthers, and Vikings
* Charger game was a Coughlin time management blunder as usual
* No playoffs

2010 - 10-6
"You can kiss my a$$!" ~ Coughlin Collapse
* No playoffs

This season the after another strong start (6-2), the #NYG didn't fair much better going 3-5 in their last 8 contest. The difference this year is the Giants won the games they had to have down the stretch. New York won three of their last four games including the two wins against Dallas to overtake the Cowboys as NFC East champions. There were certainly reasons to once again doubt the passion of Coughlin's squad after a horrible home loss to Washington. For all their faults, however, the Giants were able to rediscover its vaunted pass rush led by monster Jason Pierre Paul and develop a component running game to complement Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and company on offense just in the nick of time.

Mr. Nasty makes some valid points, but fails to give Coughlin credit for leading the Giants to a Super Bowl championship against in '07 and division titles in 2005, 2008, and this season. The Super Bowl victory against the previously unbeaten, "greatest team ever" New England Patriots was historic and capped off the most remarkable playoff run in NFL history. Even the most passionate Coughlin haters would be hard pressed to label that season as a collapse and while the defense led the way it was a team effort led by its head coach.

As for the 2011 season, while not pretty, the Giants made the playoffs a division champions. Coach Coughlin has emphasized that its all about getting into the tournament and giving yourself a chance to win a championship. The Giants are playing their best football at the right time and how the team played two months ago is irrelevant. Right now the Giants have won 3 must-win games in a row and coming off their most complete performance of the season. There is no reason to believe the Giants can’t win come Sunday in Green Bay. If Tom Coughlin and his team can win its fourth straight game nobody will remember the Giants finished the regular season at 9-7. All the media and fans will be concerned with is how Big Blue would be just one game away from its second Super Bowl appearance of the Coughlin era.

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